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When it comes to ACE Pools, beauty is more than skin deep. Our customers are our neighbors. Our neighbors are our customers. Our business is built on personal referrals. Making our customers happy is, to us, the same as making a neighbor happy. Integrity is the most important step in making a customer happy and, therefore, staying in business.

When an ACE Pools customer signs a contract with us they are not dealing with a salesman on commission, they are dealing with the designer, job supervisors and owner. You get the whole team and that team is going to be dedicated to seeing that your investment is worth every penny.

Concrete pool design and construction is not limited by difficult site conditions or space restrictions. Pools can be constructed to any shape or depth to meet your specific requirements. Concrete pools are the most versatile pool option and if designed and constructed into the surroundings with imagination, can turn a normal looking backyard into a spectacular one. Built in any shape, size or location, concrete pools have a lifetime value.

Swimming Pool Construction - Things We Focus On

  • We work very closely with you to understand what your specific requirements are, and our swimming pool designers then create designs that provide the functionality and aesthetic quotient you are looking for.
  • We also show you various material samples such as tiles etc. and will help you pick ones that match the theme of the pool and the architectural elements in your home and landscape.
  • In-Ground Pools are almost a permanent addition to the landscape (very different from above-ground pools), and we work on planning the location of the pool very carefully.

Custom shotcrete/gunite inground swimming pools

Construction standards

Shotcrete pools are made by shooting a mix of cement, sand, water, and aggregate from a pneumatic applicator at high speeds against the earthen walls and base of the pool excavation and around a grid woven of steel rebar (reinforcing bar). Multiple passes are necessary to build the mixture to the desired thickness. The concrete must be troweled smooth before it sets, and afterwards a coat of plaster is applied.

There are two types of shotcrete, wet and dry. Wet shotcrete is delivered premixed with water in a truck. Dry shotcrete, commonly known as Gunite, is a mix of sand and cement and sometimes small aggregate. It remains dry until it reaches the nozzle of the applicator and doesn’t mix with water until impact on the pool walls and floor.

ANSI/APSP/ICC-1 2014 Standard for Public Swimming Pools
ANSI/APSP/ICC-3 2014 Standard for Permanently Installed Residential Spas and Swim Spas
ANSI/APSP/ICC-6 2013 Standard for Residential Portable Spas and Swim Spas
ANSI/APSP/ICC-7 2013 Standard for Suction Entrapment Avoidance in Swimming Pools
ANSI/APSP/ICC NPC-12 2016 Standard, Plastering of Swimming Pools and Spa

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl swimming pools are made to last - with exceptional durability the vinyl liners can withstand years of harsh weather – providing an affordable alternative to inground pool construction. If you want small and affordable or big, deep and totally customizable, a vinyl swimming pool is for you. Vinyl swimming pools are the least expensive inground pool option and can be installed within a few weeks’ time. The design possibilities are endless and our construction is beyond state-of-the-art. Vinyl pools can also have many of the custom elements commonly found in concrete pools, such as the ability to have a unique design, limited only by your imagination. Features can include swim-outs, buddy seats, deck jets, waterfalls, lighting, adjacent spas, and more! Quality of components and installation of custom vinyl pools makes the difference. ACE Pools only installs the highest quality vinyl pools. Out installers have years of experience.

Hire Expert In-Ground Pool Installers

Regardless of the type of pool you choose to get installed, we will provide you with the best solutions. We use the best materials and workmanship in every project and focus on providing you value for the money. Our on-site supervisors ensure that the work site is left neat and clean at the end of every work day and that the job is completed to our standards.

When you are looking for custom designed In-Ground Pools, you need look no further than Ace Pools. We are the experts that go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get the kind of solutions they need, at swimming pool costs that matches their requirements. Call us with your project requirements at this number - 405-761-7905. You can also send us queries via our online contact us form.

For inspiration, look at our portfolio and view some of our design videos.

Let our experience and expertise help you create the backyard of your dreams.

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