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In Ground Pools Oklahoma City, OKIf you are planning on getting a swimming pool installed on your property, you can choose between an in-ground or above ground pool. While the latter installation is more economical compared to an in-ground pool, it hampers the flow of the yard space and mars the look of the landscape. In comparison, an in ground pool sits snugly in the yard area and blends in seamlessly with the landscape as well.

However, this is more of a permanent installation that has to be planned, designed and installed with care and it’s crucial that you choose experienced pool installers for the job. Ace Pools is a well-established pool building company that provides unique and customized pool design and installation services to customers in and around Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore and Norman as well as Guthrie.

They have handled a large number of projects for clients across Lawton, Duncan and Shawnee and successfully completed projects in Stillwater and Enid. When you are getting your residential pool installed, the company you hire for the job will work closely with you to understand what your requirements are and how you want your pool to be.

In Ground Pool Types

Since the feature will be custom designed, you have the option to choose the size, shape, materials, additional features and finishes for the pool. The two commonly used pool installation materials are:

Shotcrete Or Gunite

A shotcrete pool is made by shooting a mixture of cement, water, aggregate and sand through a pneumatic applicator at very high speeds against the pool excavation walls. This material is shot around a steel rebar grid which provides reinforcement to the structure. Once multiple layers of shotcrete are applied; a final layer of plaster will be applied to provide the pool a very smooth look and texture.

Wet shotcrete is a premix that gets delivered in a truck. The dry variant of this material is called Gunite which is a mixture of cement, sand and fine aggregate. This stays dry till the point it reaches the applicator nozzle and the water is mixed only on contact with the pool flooring and walls.

Vinyl Pools

These weather-resistant pools are also very durable and are a cheaper alternative to Gunite in ground swimming pools. These can also be customized to your requirement and can be made in the size, shape and depth you want. The design possibilities are truly endless and you can also choose to get custom elements installed, such as swim-outs, adjacent spas, deck jets, waterfalls, buddy seats, lighting, and more.

Regardless of whether you want a vinyl pool or one made of Shotcrete or Gunite, you need to make sure that expert pool builders are handling the job. If you are looking for aesthetic and durable pool installations that have been customized to your requirements, you should hire the services of a company like Ace Pools.

You can be sure that high-grade materials and workmanship will be used in the work and that you will get stunning pool features that add to the beauty and value of your property.

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